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DIFS Search Criteria for Insurance Entities


To display information about insurance entities, you must select criteria that meets your requirements. We have provided an easy-to-use method for displaying information about insurance entities. Please review the following "tips":

  • In addition to the entities listed at the bottom of the page, DIFS regulates other types of insurance entities. For your convenience, the chart below provides a link to these additional types of entities.
Group Self Insurance Pools Purchasing Groups
Multiple Employment Welfare Arrangements (MEWAs) Risk Retention Groups
Premium Finance Companies Third Party Administrators

  • If you wish to display information about one of the insurance entities listed at the bottom of the page, you must select one of the entity lists to display. By default, the selection is set to "All Entities Authorized to do Business in Michigan."

    You also can enter criteria to search for a particular entity within the selected entity list (e.g. Search for company abc within the Property and Casualty entities list). Here is how you would do this: Select the Property and Casualty Entities radio button. Then, enter the letters abc as selection criteria in the Insurance Entity area. When the Submit button is clicked, a search will be made for all Property and Casualty entities that contain the letters abc. This means you will see results where the Property and Casualty entity begins with abc or has the letters abc somewhere within the entity name.

  • Finally, you have the option of further refining the criteria by displaying records within the entity list that have a certain Ownership Type. By default, the Ownership Type is set to "Any Ownership Type."

If you are unable to find a particular insurance entity, please call our office toll free at 877-999-6442, and we will be glad to assist you.

Select an Entity List to Display
All Entities Authorized to do Business in Michigan Life Insurance Entities
(Includes Life and Health Entities, Rail Employees Life and Disability Entities, and Cooperative Entities)
All Entities Domiciled in Michigan Property Insurance Entities
(Includes Property and Casualty Entities and Farm Mutual Entities)
Fraternal Entities Property and Casualty Entities (Property, Homeowners, and Automobile)
Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) Surety and Fidelity Entities
Health Entities
(Includes Health Insurance Providers, Alternative Finance and Delivery Systems, Health, Medical, Dental Indemnities, and HMOs)
Surplus Lines Entities
Legislatively Created Entities
(Includes MCCA, Michigan Basic, MAIPF, Worker's Compensation Placement Facility, Guaranty Associations)
Title Entities

Selection Criteria for the Entity List
The "Selection Criteria for the Entity List" allows you to further refine the search for the entity list selected above. You have the option of entering the Insurance Entity name and/or the Ownership Type.
Insurance Entity:
Ownership Type: Any Ownership Type:   Stockholder:   Mutual:

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