DIFS Search Criteria for Bank Resident Agents


The Banking Code of 1999 and the Savings Bank Act require all banks operating in Michigan to designate and maintain an agent located in this state upon whom process for judicial and administrative matters may be served. Banks are required to provide written notice to the DIFS Director of resident agent contact information prior to commencing operations in this state and within 10 days of a change in designated agent (MCL 487.13711(11) and MCL 487.3417(10)). For a Michigan state-chartered bank, a national bank or a federal savings bank whose principal office (headquarters) is located Michigan, its resident agent is its chief executive officer unless designated otherwise by the institution.

Banks are not subject to the provisions of Michigan's Business Corporation Act as they are banking corporations, not general corporations or limited liability companies.

For purposes of this listing, resident agent contact information is provided for banks operating in this state including Michigan state-chartered banks and savings banks, national banks, federal savings banks, foreign banks, and banks chartered by a state other than Michigan.

You have the option of entering criteria that will assist you in finding the information you need for a specific bank. When you enter criteria for the Bank Name, a search will be made for all records that meet the criteria. If you do not enter criteria, the search returns all records.

Example: The letters ma are entered as criteria for the Bank Name. When the Submit button is clicked, a search will be made for all banks that contain the letters ma. This means you will see results where the Bank Name begins with ma or has the letters ma somewhere within the Bank Name.

If you are unable to find a Resident Agent for a particular bank operating in Michigan, please call the Office of Banking at 517-284-8834, and we will be glad to assist you.

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